Athlete of the MonthOctober

Sarah Gavin

Thanks Sarah, we are proud to have you as our October 7 Miler.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Started fundamentals in January 2018, joined classes in March.

What made you decide to give 7 Mile Strength & Fitness a try?

I’d trained for the 2017 Cayman Islands Marathon with Scotty and Jesse, and was introduced to the 7 Mile community that way. I did some mobility sessions with Chris and realised how much I could gain from focusing on strength training, alongside conditioning. I signed up for fundamentals and as they say, the rest is history!

What was the hardest part when you started out and how did you overcome that?

Building confidence and learning the proper techniques for olympic/power lifting. I’ve never had the confidence to “lift” before, and I felt quite intimidated by the whole idea. With Chris’ careful and patient instruction (and my desire to avoid looking like a complete moron) the techniques became more familiar and the confidence started to grow. It’s an ongoing process, but I now absolutely love the strength aspects of the workouts!

You recently said, “I’d never in a million years have thought I’d have the confidence to wear booty shorts and yet, thanks to 7 Mile, I’m a convert.” Can I just say how AMAZING that is to hear!!! You look fantastic and we couldn’t be happier for you – honestly – keep rocking those booty shorts. Inspiring others is what we’re all about :)

Thank you so much. I have struggled since the age of 13 with body image and confidence. Thanks to CrossFit I no longer avoid photographs or reflective surfaces.

I was at the Marathon Seminar we had back in August. You got up in front of the crowd and addressed a few things that have made a huge impact on your overall health and wellness. Would you mind sharing some of those things?

I first met Chris when I was training for last year’s marathon and was struggling with injuries and from over-training. Chris put it very simply – “running is great for you, if you run well”. We took a few videos (which were painful to watch) and it turned out I didn’t run too well! After the marathon I took some time out to recover and then started fundamentals in January. I focused on hitting my macros and ditched the cider. I didn’t run long-distance at all. I threw myself into fundamentals and loved it. My energy levels improved, my injuries disappeared, and I began to tone-up and see muscle! I began running again with the marathon training group in August and the difference in my technique and pace is incredible!

We are not your typical gym. Most gyms don’t offer a Coach for Life. Coach Chris is yours – how has having a Coach for Life helped you?

Put very simply, having a coach for life has totally transformed my life! Chris constantly supports and encourages me, he drives me to do better, and he won’t put up with excuses. He keeps me on the straight and narrow and helps to prevent me becoming injured as a result. It’s a bit like having an exercise-conscience, like Jiminy Cricket: if Jiminy Cricket did CrossFit. He champions success and helps me learn from my many and frequent fails. And I have it on good authority that he makes every single one of his tribe feel the same way, which is quite extraordinary! The coaches at 7 Mile really are the best in the world.

Name something you’re most proud of in the gym.

Something I’m most proud of is my deadlift and my progress on pull-ups. I’m onto the red band now. I also have 14 DUs when I started with zero!

Did you play any sports growing up?

Yes loads! Before I stopped growing (aged 11) I was a sprinter, cross-country runner, and swimmer. In my teens I played netball but my fave was lacrosse.

Anything people at 7 Mile Strength & Fitness don’t know about you?

I LOVE off road motorcycling (albeit I’ve not ridden since arriving in Cayman). No better feeling in the world (save, perhaps, for CrossFit!)

Anything crazy on your bucket list? (bungee jumping, sky diving?)

Ironman and Marathon Des Sables (if Chris lets me…)

What is your favorite WOD and why?

Anything with shoulder work, I love working on my upper body strength!

What is your least favorite WOD and why?

Assault bike and wall balls (I hit myself in the face the first time I did walk balls in a workout and am still recovering from the embarrassment).

What has been your biggest surprise about doing CrossFit?

How strong and toned I’ve become in just 6 months. I’m so excited to see where I am in another 6 months’ time!

Would you recommend 7 Mile Strength & Fitness to others and if so, why?

YES! In a heartbeat. Why? Because it will change your life.



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