Athlete of the MonthFebruary

Stefan Prior

Years at CrossFit 7 Mile - Grand Cayman: 2


How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Almost exactly 2 years I believe. You tell me!


What made you decide to give 7 Mile Strength & Fitness a try?

My wife (Sophie) was having PT sessions with Chris to help her with an injured knee. She suggested he might be able to help with my back injury. I was a little hesitant at first at the thought of picking up the lightest dumbbell.


What was the hardest part when you started out and how did you overcome that?

PTs – Sticking to the scheduled appointments, I was constantly rushing to them. I also felt guilty about taking time out in the middle of my work day to work out. Classes – Getting up at 5.45am for the 6.30am class! Got a Phillips Sunrise alarm clock, and kept trying. Now it is part of my natural routine and (generally) spring out of bed at 5.45am without an alarm.


You were a part of the 7 Mile Corrective Program with Chris before coming in to the CrossFit classes. Tell us a little bit about why you were doing that program and how it has helped you.

I found the jump from PTs to classes too radical, and so the Corrective Program was a nice middle ground where I could push myself within the comfort of my own space and time. I felt that I still wasn’t comfortable with a lot of the exercises/movements in class. The Corrective program was specifically tailored to my weaknesses and requirements. It helped me build confidence in the gym at my own pace.


You are a BUSY man! A husband, real estate agent, you’ve flipped houses, you’re a Big Brother….you wear a lot of hats! How do you stay motivated to go to class with having so much on your plate?

Prior to 7Mile I used to gym and exercise because I knew it was good for me, or somebody was telling me to, or because it was helping me achieve something else (ie build muscle to be a better rugby player). I never actually enjoyed the process of the gym itself. I started with 7Mile and the Corrective program because I knew/thought it would help get my back better. For the first year I was a little bit of a yo-yo with my attendance, more ‘on’ than ‘off’. I would get busy and work or go on vacation then fall out of my routine. I also reinjured (literally crippled my back to the point where I couldn’t stand up) my back twice within the first 12months, which resulted in me having to go back to square one and start again. This was suuuuuper frustrating. As simple as it sounds, the accountability aspect of the Corrective program prompted me to get back in the saddle, even if I just did one session per week. I’d say it took me 18 months of work to get to a point where I actually really enjoyed going to the gym without any prompting. My back felt really strong, I was comfortable with the lifts, I knew what my limitations were, the gym became a part of my routine. Funnily enough, the biggest motivation for me to get to the gym is a FULL work schedule. If I have back to back showings and appointments in my diary, I know that I’m going be on top of my game if I get in my workout in the morning. I genuinely find that I have a much better energy and enthusiasm throughout the day having got my work out in at 6.30am.


What is one thing you’re most proud of in the gym?

Getting other people to join and experience the same benefit that I have been lucky enough to experience


What is one thing you would tell your younger self?

Listen to your body, it is constantly trying to talk to you. Get any injuries properly diagnosed.


Anything people at 7 Mile Strength & Fitness don’t know about you?

I’m colorblind. If you see me wearing a purple T-shirt, it’s probably because I think it’s blue!


Anything crazy on your bucket list? (bungee jumping, sky diving, hiking?)

Nothing crazy, but just to travel more.


What is your favorite WOD and why?

Anything with running in it, nice to get outdoors.


What is your least favorite WOD and why?

Anything with farmer carries, because they are deceptively difficult!


What has been your biggest surprise about doing CrossFit?

How friendly everyone is.


Would you recommend 7 Mile Strength & Fitness to others and if so, why?

Absolutely, and already have done so with several new members. It’s just really good, all round fitness.



Thanks Stefan, we are proud to have you as our February 7 Miler.


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