3 Ways We Can Help You Feel More Comfortable in the Gym

For many people, the gym is an intimidating place! Fear or intimidation of the gym is one of the most common reasons people avoid exercise. If this is you—you have been putting off starting a new gym routine because you’re apprehensive or intimidated—you’re certainly not alone.


Whether it’s fear of looking dumb because you don’t know what you’re doing (or embarrassment because you don’t know what you’re doing), fear of failure because you know you’re not as fit as you used to be, or fear of being pushed to do something you’re not comfortable doing, we’ve got you covered to help you overcome that hesitation 🙂



Here’s How We Are Different:


3. Coach in Your Corner

First and foremost, we are a coaching service. This means every single time you come through the door, you will be coached, thus eliminating your fear of not knowing what to do at the gym. Not only that, you will not be thrown right into a group class with experienced veterans. You will begin by working in a safe, one-on-one environment with just you and a coach until you’re physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to join a group.

And in fact, on your first day with us, all we will do is sit down and talk to get to know you and what you’re looking for to see if we’re a good fit for you—nothing scary about that, right?




2. Personalized Fitness

Your personal coach will get to know your strengths and limitations, your injury history and your fitness goals, and will guide your training in a way that’s appropriate your unique wants and goals and abilities. This means you don’t need to fear being pushed to do something you’re not ready for, like climb a rope when you’re terrified of heights and from falling from the ceiling because your arms might give out….Our priority is to keep you safe!

This also means you don’t need to be worried about not being as fit as you once were. Our goal is to keep you safe and build you up slowly and responsibly, keeping you healthy and injury-free in the process.




1. Not Your Average Anti-Social Gym

It can be intimidating walking into a gym full of super fit-looking people all with their headphones on talking to nobody. Meanwhile, you feel like the odd duck in the corner of the room hoping nobody is secretly laughing at you for using the machine incorrectly. This typical anti-social gym environment is everything we are not!

We’re a family-friendly gym, where you get to know and develop genuine friendships with the people you train next to, making even the most timid new clients feel that much more welcome and accepted.


If this sounds more appealing than your past gym experiences, contact us now.

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When you get into a good rhythm at the gym, it can be challenging to keep momentum during periods when you cannot be in the gym.  With the holiday season quickly approaching (I saw Christmas lights at Target already….) here are 10 workouts you can crush at home, your parents, in-laws…wherever the wind takes you!

  1. 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

20 double unders/40 singles

100m run


  1.  10 rounds

5 burpees

10 push-ups

15 squats

  1.  2 rounds

50 squats

50 situps

40 double unders/80 singles

40 lunges

30 push-ups

30 double unders/singles


  1.  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1




  1.  12 minute amrap

200m run

15 squats

15 push-ups


  1.  7 min burpees


  1.   4 rounds

20 squats

15 push-ups

1 v-ups


  1.  4 rounds

1 min each

Shuttle run



1 min rest at the end of each round



  1.  14m AMRAP

22 lunges

10 push-ups

15 sit-ups


  1.  20 push-ups

40 burpees

20 squats

30 burpees

20 lunges (Left+Right=1 lunge)

20 burpees

20 broad jumps

10 burpees


Looking forward to cooler weather and sweatpants,