Carl Brenton

Carl Brenton

Commander In Chief


Carl Brenton is the Commander in Chief here at CrossFit 7 Mile. He specializes in creating a community that inspires others to make a positive change in their lives – he also makes sure the lights stay on. “I’m passionate about creating the best member experience I can and that also means we love giving our team the tools they need to be the best coaches they can be.”

While Carl loves to talk business, he’s also quite the athlete. “I played sports most of my life – sports like beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, rugby, flag football and softball. I also competed on an affiliate team at the 2010 CrossFit Games.”

Despite his athletic background, he will still tell you that his wife is a lot fitter than he is. “It’s true. BUT CrossFit has still allowed me to stay ahead of most other 40-something-year-old accountants!”


  • CrossFit L-1 (2010, 2015)
  • CrossFit Endurance

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