FitCon + Foundations

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Our FitCon program is a comprehensive, high-intensity training program designed to get you in the best shape of your life FAST, regardless of your current ability.

By excluding some of the more complex barbell and gymnastics movements commonly found in CrossFit, the FITCon program allows you to get maximum results, without being restricted by the higher skill movement patterns and sequences.

The FitCon Foundations…

…will set the stage for your solid success down the road. Yes, less injuries, faster recovery, improved confidence, and of course, strength.


Led by our expert coaches, you will be guided through a dynamic, multi-part workout to build strength, speed, and endurance.


“I started Crossfit Lite/FitCon about 2 years ago, I was finding then at age 54 that the range of motion in my joints wasn’t what it used to be and decided to get back into some regular exercise to see if it made a difference and I also wanted to add in some weight work. My daughter, Florence started as a teen member and I was impressed at the level of coaching, the support they offered and found that she was hooked early on. Nearly 2 years on I am blown away with the increased range in my joints, especially my knees, they were becoming a problem area. The gym has a great friendly atmosphere and all the coaches have a genuine desire to help you and see you improve. I love it and I’ve made some new friends from it which has been just lovely.”

– Gillian A.

“I joined 7 Mile Strength & Fitness in March 2016 and am so glad I did. The directors, coaches and all members are nothing less than stellar. Everyone was and continues to be helpful, kind, engaging, approachable and professional. It is truly a wonderful community. I look forward to going to class (never before did I look forward to any kind of exercise). I enjoy the workouts, the camaraderie, and how much better I feel. I am not the strongest, the fastest, the most flexible, but I am work in progress. I can tell you I am stronger, more balanced, more confident, and exercise is fantastic for stress reduction. And I am thrilled to have a 9 month old darling, healthy, future CrossFitter grandson that I carry around and chase after! Also, I am the oldest CrossFit member at 7 Mile and proud to hold that title. Come join us, if I can do it, anyone can!!”

– Cindi Roper

“The hardest part was, and still is, that change is slow. It’s hard to see results physically, particularly when you see yourself every day, but the coaches and my classmates are all so great about putting things in perspective and encouraging us to not to give up! I’m proud of how strong I feel – I always remember looking at the board when I started and thinking there was no way I would be able to lift that heavy. No matter how fit or flexible you are, the coaches will always modify the workout so that it is just right for you. I have never felt like I’m not good enough, or that I don’t belong – you are always made to feel that you are capable of doing the workout – it’s so great for your self confidence and makes you want to come back for another one!”

– Rachael Newton

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