[contact_info key=”gym_name”] is a fitness facility located in Grand Cayman and serves the the Cayman Islands.

Whether you are looking to get in shape through personal training or through our group classes, we invite you to come work hard and get results as part of our community!

A little more about us:

We offer over 50 class options each week including: CrossFit, F.I.T., Zest Wellness and several specialty class options throughout the year.

Our facility is comprised of over 6,400 square feet.

We have the top of the line equipment, and lots of it!

Our staff is made up of highly experienced and qualified coaches who hold a variety of certifications that make us the most diverse gym in the area.

* Questions? Email [contact_info key=”email”] or call [contact_info key=”phone_number”]

7 Mile

free 1 on 1 consultation

Tired of finding reasons why you don’t have time? Just come on in. Your first visit is on us. We’ll do everything we can to make your fitness journey fun. And, this could be the first step to a whole new you.

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