Giles Shaxted

"Giles Shaxted"

Giles Shaxted

What is your transformation?
I came to CrossFit 7 Mile wanting to not be fat. I would now say that fitness and well-being are my main motivators. I have had two transformations with CrossFit 7 Mile. The first two years I joined I lost 60lbs. I hadn’t made my health and well-being a priority though. So when an opportunity to spend all my time doing another passion came about, I took it. Physically I went almost right back to where I had started. I had however found something I enjoyed. My second time around I was there mentally, I knew what I wanted, it wasn’t to lose weight (although I had 55lbs back on to lose all over), I wanted to feel well. Feeling well and being healthy have a huge knock on in the rest of my life and even in my personality. I am making a better me. About 120lbs lost total and a whole bunch of new friends made.

How has this transformation changed your life outside of the gym?
There are so many things but as I touched on just now everything gets easier and better when you are happy with yourself. There are always goals to work towards but being happy isn’t about the goals, it’s about how the journey to get there makes you feel. One of the major benefits would have to be my personality. A lot of negativity had crept into my life and I am now finding a more positive vibe about everything. A totally unexpected benefit. The only downside is the lack of being able to drink alcohol properly anymore.

What’s your next goal?
I’d like to find my place in this world and be able to offer the same feeling I got from it. I’d like to be able to do for someone else what everyone at 7 Mile helped me do. Change isn’t that hard when you have the right people in your corner. Apart from that just keep getting better and stronger :)

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